Bryce sometimes wondered why he even needed a pack. Granted, Ethan gave him a roof over his head and food on his plate, but there was a steep price to pay for it. Bryce wished he could just be your typical Joe Schmo and make it on his own with a normal job, despite the complication that once a month he changed into a werewolf. Maybe an office atmosphere. Nine to five would work perfectly, and he would never have to deal with Ethan ever again.


Bryce Hatfield is a wanted man. Well… werewolf, actually. After some complications and misunderstandings after his transformation, Bryce left his life in England behind and moved to the States. And who is the first person he meets? You guessed it. Ethan. How unfortunate for him. If Bryce knew what he was getting himself into, he would have throught twice before joining Ethan’s pack.


Bryce is in his late 20’s with chocolate brown hair and brown eyes. Right now, his main goal is to stay alive while trying to deter Ethan from pursuing his attack on the Joneses.




***Please note I did not write my characters based on the people in the images above. They are just an ideal image of what I portrayed***