It was only by chance Ethan had heard about the reward. He was in the middle of a sale with his dealer for his usual prescriptions when he let slip the top secret information. Of course, Ethan had to follow up to make sure it was in fact real. Once he got the confirmation, he set his plan in motion. It wasn’t easy to get on the bad side of The Vampire Regime, which meant that the Joneses had to have seriously screwed up somewhere along the line. Not that any of that mattered to Ethan. Whether they were gruesome murderers or some sort of vampire PETA organization trying to ‘Save the Humans’, all he saw were the number of zeros after the dollar sign.


While Veronica and Mackenzie are busy settling their differences, elsewhere in Burnstead werewolf ETHAN PASTËR is devising his ultimate plan: to collect the reward from The Vampire Regime for Mackenzie and the others in his coven. Ethan, being the conniving scoundrel that he is, decides to pounce on this opportunity. He hires a team of hunters to take out the Joneses for him. As luck would have it, the person who comes to kill the vampires turns out to be his soon to be none other than, Veronica Chase…


One year ago, Ethan sought retribution against the Chase family for what they did to his own. Erin and Booker Chase, Veronica’s parents, murdered his family right in front of him. However, Veronica was missing amongst the group that night. It’s only now that Veronica is in town that Ethan wants to finish what he started and take care of the Chases once and for all.


Though Ethan may be a murderous villain, he’s no troll in the looks department. Dark hair, golden eyes and lashes so thick you would think he was wearing guy-liner, Ethan exudes raw masculinity. As Veronica puts it: Ethan is a hunk with a voice so smooth and soft, it’s almost mesmerizing. But looks can be deceiving now, can’t they?


Join Veronica and Mackenzie as they battle against Ethan and fight for the love of their families!




***Please note I did not write my characters based on the people in the images above. They are just an ideal image of what I portrayed***